Tim Barberich
Tim Barberich, Director

Tim Barberich

Experience 40+ years in medical device and pharmaceutical companies Companies Sepracor Verastem (NASDAQ: VSTM) Frequency Therapeutics (NASDAQ: FREQ) TScan Therapeutics (NASDAQ: TCRX) Founder and CEO Sepracor: Founder & CEO (NASDAQ:…

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Christopher De Souza, PhD

Broadview Ventures Broadview is a philanthropic, for-profit venture fund supported by the Leducq Family Trust with a mission to accelerate the development of promising technology in cardiovascular and neurovascular disease…

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Richard G. Horan

Biograph Venture Biograph is an independent venture development firm established in 2018, focused in life sciences and healthcare Previous positions: Slater Technology Fund, Providence, RI Sachem Ventures, Princeton, NJ Johnston…

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Scott Schorer

Companies GI Dynamics Systagenix CentriMed / GHX IST Experience Multiple clinical trials / regulatory approvals Multiple exits >$150m raised: public / private Patents: 25 issued/pending Education: A.B: Dartmouth College B.E.:…

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