Target Populations

Large opportunity, New Approach needed

Gila is focused on development of products to provide comprehensive weight management solutions and treat metabolic diseases in specific target populations.

Gila Therapeutics is developing multiple natural peptides for the treatment of obesity, type 2 diabetes, NAFLD, NASH, CKD and cardiovascular disease.

  • Addition of Pediatric, Adolescent treatment targets


1. Avoidance of weight gain

Gila novel safety profile puts tools in PCP hands to treat early / avoid gain

  • Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes / Metabolic Disorders

2. weight loss

Scientific credibility in this core domain of prescribed Obesity / Metabolic Drugs aids adoption of OTC products

  • Rx only effective when actively dosed.
  • Many treatments cite 1-year data, but patient use is transient, offering transient benefit

3. weight loss maintenance

Disease progression / time

Focus on maintenance of weight carried forward from intensive weight loss