Gila Therapeutics is pioneering an entirely novel means of delivering natural peptide hormones through topical lingual signalling mechanisms Focused on bringing multiple peptide hormones through clinical phases for novel treatment of obesity and associated metabolic disorders.

Obesity, Type 2 Diabetes
Metabolic Disorder Crisis

Gila Topical Lingual Neural Signaling enables delivery of natural peptide hormones with the goal of activating targeted areas of the brain directly implicated in regulating metabolism.
Gila’s lead program is Topical Lingual PYY. The company is pursuing Phase II proof of concept studies under an active IND in the US and additional mechanistic clinical trials OUS.

Topical-Lingual Neural Signaling:

Topical-Lingual PYY:

Obesity Epidemic


United States

Worldwide Metabolic Disorders

Type 2 Diabetes


Chronic Kidney Disease


Cardiovascular Disease

SOURCES: 1. Center for Disease Control (CDC); 2. World Health Organization (WHO) 7.8bn people: 13% with obesity, 9% with diabetes